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Kashmir Tour Packages and Places to Visit – Visit Kashmir in India for its Exciting Places & Fantastic Attractions

When searching for the most gorgeous and exciting tourist destination in India, Kashmir Valley should be among the first names to occupy your minds.

Existing at a height of 1,850m above the normal sea level, this picturesque valley in the state of Jammu and Kashmir is cossetted between the exciting PirPanjal and the scenic Karakoram Range.

Usually to enjoy the magical charm and appeal of this picture perfect valley, you must join the various exciting Kashmir tour packages, and explore all what it offers.

Join these delightful tours and be granted opportunities to visit some of the remote hamlets, drive through the winding terrains, spend pleasant moments amidst the towering mountains, and indulge in an array of exciting things to do while in the fantastic Kashmir Valley.

Some of the exciting Best Places Included in Most of Kashmir Tour Packages are as listed below:


This Mecca for the thrill and adventure lovers in Jammu and Kashmir is a must visit tourist destination which usually attracts in different tourists from different countries of the World.

Located in the Ladakh region, this fantastic city serves as the starting point of several enthralling and exciting treks, mountain biking expeditions and other enthralling activities on list.

For the ardent bikers, a fantastic ride to Leh is considered as an exciting ride of a lifetime, additionally motorcycle trips are also one of the most sought after activities done in this amazing region.


Baramulla is another gorgeous and exciting tourist destination included in most of the Kashmir tour packages offered by different tour operators.

Geographically located on the banks of the shimmering Jhelum River, it is around 55km from Srinagar and is popularly known for the best variety of apples provided in the country.

Jammu City.

Without a visit to Jammu city, your Kashmir tour may be incomplete. This city stands graciously on the banks of Tawi River and is guarded by the fascinating Shivalik and Trikuta Ranges. It is usually called the ‘Temple City’ of Jammu and Kashmir.


This is the capital city of Jammu and Kashmir, it is usually a true treasure trove for most of the visitors to the Kashmir Valley.

Additionally its one of the most appealing and enticing tourist destinations in the bucket list of Kashmir Valley tour packages whereby a visit to this city on the banks of Jhelum River is a must have experience.

Visiting Srinagar, do not also miss out the shikara rides, houseboat stays and exciting visit to the Mughal Gardens!


Gulamrg a gift of the PirPanjal Range of the mighty Himalayas, fondly called the ‘Meadow of Flowers’ is among the most exciting and attracting destinations included almost in every tour package.

Popularly known to be one of the charismatic skiing destinations in the entire country, it is geographically located at a staggering height of 2,730m above the sea level.


Interestingly connected with Srinagar at around 3 hours’ drive, this ‘Meadow of Gold’ is yet another picturesque offerings of the exciting Kashmir tour packages.

Located in the Ganderbal district of Jammu and Kashmir, it is a typical home to the mesmeric Kolhoi and Machoi glaciers.

Best time to enjoy these exciting Kashmir Tour Packages.

If you are interested in romancing the sky touching peaks, colorful gardens, alluring lakes, and pictorial meadows of Kashmir Valley in the most favoring way, you must plan your exciting visit between March to October.

Whereby during this period of the year, the entire valley experiences three different seasons and wears the most striking shades of nature to explore.

Then March to May period brings in the livelier spring season to the valley, and May to August is the best time for the playful summers.

If you plan for a visit between September and November, then you can enjoy the advent of the crispy winters in this exciting Kashmir Valley.

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