What areas are best for Cheap holidays in Spain?

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What areas are best for Cheap holidays in Spain? – Best Exciting Cheap Places to go in Spain

Since the 1950s, Spain has become one of the most popular tourist destinations for Britain’s and global tourists alike. There are many popular destinations and resorts throughout Spain, all which offer different things and appeal to different tastes.

Firstly – Barcelona is excellent for those looking for a cultural city break. Offering much in terms of culture and art, Barcelona is ideal for couples and families alike who want to enjoy a relaxing break in which they can enjoy the sights and sounds of a thriving metropolitan city.

Famous from it’s impressive Gaudi architecture, thriving nightlife and excellent bars and restaurants, Barcelona has a lot on offer. It also has a manmade beach for those who are looking to lie down on the sand with a book in hand amid all the sightseeing!

If you are looking for a cheap holiday in Spain Benidorm is a popular destination with British tourists, including rows of cheap bars, clubs and English pubs. Not only this, but the area offers much of the most beautiful coastline in the country and if you drive as much as half a mile out of the main town, the area is a place of extreme beauty.

There is also the popular Balearic island of Ibiza, famous for its clubbing scene; it offers the ultimate destination of young party goers looking to let their hair down. If you like bright lights and bid clubs, then Ibiza is for you. Again, however this is not the only facet to this beautiful Island, the old town offers much in terms of scenery, culture, fine food and family and romantic entertainment.

For the fashion conscious amongst you, Madrid is an excellent location. As the capital of Spain, it offers the most in terms of nightlife, bars, restaurants, galleries and museums and one it is most renound for…shopping! Madrid is a bustling cosmopolitan city, so if you are looking for a break that will keep you occupied and entertained, then this is the perfect destination.

Madrid is not on the coat, however so there is no beach. If it is a beach holiday you are looking for, then Madrid is best avoided, however despite this many hotels do have swimming pools if you are looking to spend a day relaxing.

Costa Del Sol is again a popular destination, lined with beaches, bars and sunshine, this is the perfect beach holiday destination with enough sports and nightlife to keep you occupied and with beautiful beaches and weather to keep you relaxed!

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