How to Travel to the Amazing Paris

Matt Smith

How to Travel to the Amazing Paris – Visit Amazing Paris in France & Explore its Amazing Attractions

One of fantastic cities of Europe to go for amazing holidays is Paris which can be reached in one day journey from London the exciting city to be while in the United Kingdom.

Paris is characterised with different things which cannot normally be seen in other famous cities of Europe, including beautiful rivers cape, shops, museums, theatres, incredible historic monuments and more.

Like other cities, it’s not recommended to visit this city by Car as the parking is too expensive with high parking fees charged. Using the city’s public transport which has great network stretching into the suburbs is the best option.

RATP governs the Fine public transport system of Paris and there are three main transport systems in the city recommended for any visitor to the amazing city to choose from and travel around exploring its best exciting sites.

If you have arrived to Paris by air, it’s not advised to take Taxis when getting into the central Paris as they tend to be more expensive when compared to other modes of services used.

Using public transports will be better and help you to save some money in your pocket and these include Metro which is a subway or underground system, secondly RER which can be taken as an alternative to the metro being a commuter railway and express service and the bus.

Buses are usually provided by RATP from the two airports including Charles de Gaulle and Orly up to the city’s corners.

Also some of the suburban lines provide transport to Paris and the Ile-de-France regions are taken care by SNCF, the French Railway Company. Usually for this government service it is recommended and necessary to buy the tickets separately.

One of the best option in the city service is the use of same ticketing by all the three transport systems run by the RATP, which usually leaves out the new visitors from confusions.

RATP tickets can be usually used in the whole city, including some of the small areas which are outside the city limits, like La Defence. Fare will be higher in RER if you are traveling to outside of the city.

If you are traveling from Nation to Etoile you can comfortably use both metro or RER, as the cost is the same and if you want to continue to La Defence, RER price are higher.

Usually Metro services and RER services begin to run at 5 hours 30 minutes in the morning till 12:45 in the night to 1:15am. Bus services will be active until 20 hours.

After closing of the RATP services, the night bus services called Noctambus will get into the night services transporting customers to the outskirts from the city centre.

When you have a normal bus pass traveling in Noctambus will never put an additional burden, and without the pass a single trip in the Noctambus is 30 FRF.

Metro station RATP tickets are two zone tickets which are used in the whole metro, buses to the relevant zones and for the RER services.

There is no expiry of tickets if bought and can be used even after 3 years if maintained in good conditions and they are called as “carnet”, pronounced as Carnay.

Ticket inspectors are a common vigil in the metros and will be fined heavily, if not possessing one and in addition will have to quit RER system.

Purchasing of Metro tickets can be done in every station in single or in bulk of tens. Tickets are also available in discounts on some special days and for children of specific age, so do not miss out on grabbing these offers for your amazing travel around Paris.