Best time to visit Rwanda

Matt Smith

Whether Wildlife, culture, striking cityscapes, history or marine life, Rwanda (the land of a thousand hills) has something to impress any traveler. Abundant attractions stand among the reasons why this destination is among the most visited locations in Africa.

With its welcoming locals, stable security and favorable conditions, Rwanda is situated in the Eastern part of Africa. It shares borders with Uganda in the north, Burundi in the South, Democratic Republic of Congo in the west and Tanzania in the East.

If not air transport, no any other option a traveler can use to get to this amazing destination. All planes from different parts of the World land at Kigali International Airport. It is just a few kilometres from the beautiful Kigali city.

In addition to the 1994 genocide saga, Rwanda is known worldwide for the rarely seen species of Mountain Gorillas. These great apes breathe life in the great Volcanoes National Park, the main draw for most trippers to the country.

On Volcanoes National Park you add on two Parks (Akagera and Nyungwe Forest National Park) to make up the full list of Rwanda’s National Parks.

It is usually more rewarding and breathtaking to uncover a pristine destination like Rwanda, but it is usually paramount to consider the best time to visit the destination of interest before you board.

Get to know the best time of travel for any destination you are targeting and to most African countries, the time is influenced by climate changes. For Rwanda, it experiences two seasons including the dry and west.

It is feasible to visit all year round if you are to spend most of the times in Kigali city, but for other locations like National Parks in the country, you have to consider for the best times.

Its location in the south of the equator gives a reason why this untouched spot still receives heavy rainfall drops per year.

Temperature variations in Rwanda’s numerous locations depend on the difference in altitude like for Kigali it is often averaged to 21degrees Celsius.

If you intend to have a glimpse of Rwanda’s outstanding charm, please consider for the best periods to go according to the months as highlighted below;

Starting from March up to May it is a wet season and there is heavy rainfall drops almost in all regions of the country.

Why not recommended for tourists? All roads mostly the murram roads that lead to National Parks in the remote areas tend to be muddy and slippery.

Therefore to those after seeing the Gorillas, chimpanzees, birds, big game, birds and other wildlife species you may find hard times since most of Rwanda’s parks are found in hilly areas.

Gorilla trek or chimpanzee tracking requires enough time and involves wandering through the Jungles via routes that wind through hills and valleys. I hope you can imagine how it can be challenging during the rainy season.

These routes are slippery and full of mud, making the experience just more worth. It will be even more frustrating when rain finds you in the Jungles.

Besides that, it can rain almost half a day or full day. This is obvious, you will not engage in the Gorilla trek that day.

Driving around the suburbs of the Parks during game drives also turns out to be hectic, reserved routes to follow are not in the same good state than there are during the dry seasons. Animals as well tend to hide out due to cold weathers, therefore it may quite hard to see a number of the animals you are interested in.

When it comes to Rwanda’s dry season, it’s always there from June to Mid-September. These months are characterized by low rainfall drops and considered the best time to visit the country for many reasons.

In this time, all routes especially those that are not tarmacked are passable. You can reach any protected area of interest in different regions of the country. This is the best time where you are 100% sure of not being distracted by rain while partaking numerous pursuits.

But it’s not a guarantee, although it is dry season endeavor to come with some waterproof jackets and bags because rain is unpredictable, it can drop at any period regardless of the season.

Those who are enthusiastic about hiking, this season is more favorable to you. The paths are less or even not slippery thus making hiking to different points or summits easier. Lovers of Wildlife, you should also jubilate if you are visiting Rwanda in this period.

Game driving is undoubted; you will reach various Wildlife views points within the Park. Animals usually move around different parts of the Parks in search of what to eat, water, so you are bound to see a lot from a vehicle with a pop-up roof.

After the long dry season, here comes a short wet season(October – November) that lasts for one month and followed again by a dry season that lasts for two months from December to February.

To give a good part about the rainy season, it is not ideal for Gorilla trekking and other captivating pursuits, but for birders and photographers, this is the best time to go.

During this period, different bird species migrate from other parts to Rwanda’s lush habitats, plants are flowering and vegetation is green boasting a perfect backdrop for pretty photo-shoots.

In conclusion, the best time to visit Rwanda differs according to the traveler’s interests that include Gorilla trekking tours, hiking adventures, birding excursions, cultural encounters in Ibywachu, Lake Kivu holidays and photography.

Except for excuses, a remarkable Wildlife Safari in Rwanda is always in the dry season when there are low rainfall rates.

If you are targeting this incredible destination in Africa for your next travel, it is the right decision made. Book with a suitable and experienced local tour operator to take you through the country’s hotspots and natural wonders.